The Knit Zone

I am currently in what can only be described as the Knitting Zone. If I'm not knitting, I'm looking at knitting patterns, reading knitting books, or blogging about knitting. Something is seriously wrong with a good way! I finished up a scarf I was working on ages ago but never bothered to finish, and I'm finally sewing up a snake shaped draft dodger that I'vee been avoiding for almost a year (seriously though, it's a seam almost two feet long, and I hate finishing. That's why i tend to do all the knitting for a project, then let it fall to the wayside forever, because I can't stand all the finishing.)

I found the perfect pattern for NaKniSweMo in November! It's an awesome garter and stockinette stitch sweater in bulky yarn. I'm so excited to start it, I don't think I can wait until November! My fingers are literally aching to begin. The only reason I haven't caved and started it yet is that one of my friends borrowed the needles I need for it. Here's a link to the pattern, but I think you need a subscription at the site to view it.

All right, I'm going to go knit some more now. Adios!