School. Yuck.

I went back to school monday. And I've had homework every night til nine. So, I haven't been able to post until today.

I wore my bamboo shirt to school today! It was pretty great, because the shirt is the first knitted garment I've completed. Go me! I still don't have any pictures, though. Sorry everyone, I'm a bad blogger. :(

All right, that's about all I've got to say. Bye!

More Podcast Updates!

The third episode of the MAD Podcast is out! It's about Coldplay's most recent album Viva la Vida. So go download it!

Slightly less exciting news, and definitely less pleasant: I broke my toe yesterday on a doorframe. This is sooo like me. I was leaving my room to take some clothes out of the dryer when I accidentally smashed my toe against the doorframe. I actually heard a crunching noise when it happened. So now it hurts to walk, and I have to go to school in two days where I'm going to have to run all around the freaking ENORMOUS campus with an injured foot. *Bangs head against desk*

*sigh* Adios for now!'s been a while since I blogged last...Sorry about that.

Anyway, I think I'll take an idea from Deborah at Toss the Apple and give little blurbs of info about a wide range of subjects instead of trying to write about just one.

First of all: Honk! The play went well! We had nearly full audiences for every performance, and no major screw-ups. Success! I think last year's play (Godspell) was better, though. Thanks to Deborah and Sarita for coming!

Next: Vacation. I got back last night a little after nine from a vacation to Marion, VA to visit my dad's family. His mother (my grandmother) has a little cabin next to Hungry Mother State Park in Marion that we stayed at. We brought the bicycles with us, so we stopped at Foster Falls (a park where you can rent kayaks and inner tubes to go down the New River) and biked the New River trail. The trail was great. It's used to be a railroad, so the path is wide and flat and goes on forever. The only problem is, once you bike so far one way, you have to turn around and come back. So you have to try to decide when you are halfway to too tired to keep biking, and turn around then. We biked about 11 to 12 miles there, then went and relaxed by the river for a long time, because the weather was so beautiful.

The next day we borrowed a canoe from my Aunt Melanie and Uncle Doug and took it out onto the lake at Hungry Mother State park. We also rented the "Paddle Boat from HELL!!", as named by my brother and me (or is it "me and my brother"...or "my brother and I"...oh, who cares!!). This was a seriously defective paddle boat. The rudder was practically out of the water, so you had to hold the little lever towards a direction for like 10 minutes before you'd even start turning in that direction. Ugh.

Anyway, the last day of vacation, we went to another bike trail called the Virginia Creeper Trail. It's another trail that used to be a railroad, and it's named after the nickname for the train that ran on it. Anyway, in Damascus, VA there are a bunch of bike places that charge about $11 to shuttle you up White Top Mountain to the beginning of the trail. Then you ride down the mountain back to Damascus. It's a pretty incredible ride. It's slightly downhill the whole way down, so it doesn't take much effort, but we saw people riding up the trail. That's pretty hard core. The view from the trail was beautiful, lots of creeks and valleys and rock formations. There were also a bunch of old trestle bridges left over from the railroad. The trail is 35 miles long, total, but we only went on 17 miles of it (just back to Damascus). There was a cute little restaurant about halfway down that we stopped and ate lunch at. All in all, it was a great ride, and highly recommended if you like biking. Even if you're not a serious biker, it's not a hard trail so anyone can do it.

Okay, next topic: knitting. You remember that bamboo shirt that has been languishing incomplete for ages and ages? Well, I got it back out as something kinda mindless to knit backstage during Honk!, and it is now completed!!! I had to do some serious modifications though, because the people who wrote the pattern are apparently mentally disabled. The pattern clearly says "knit 11 inches" before making the V-neck. So I knit 11 inches and thought "Hmm, this seems a little short, I'll knit 2 more inches!" So I did. So it was now 13 inches before the V-neck. So I finished the V-neck shaping, exactly the way it told me to and checked the size by holding it up to myself in the mirror. The V-neck exposed waaaay more of my chest than is decent, and the rest of it barely went past my belly button. WTF??? That is not what it looked like in the picture!!! And it was 2 inches longer than it was supposed to be!! So i went back and added an almost 2-inch seed stitch border to the hem and a 1-inch seed stich border to the V-neck. So I finished all that, sewed it all up, wove in all those loose ends (ugh), and I'm done! yay! I'll have a FO post for it later. (For those of you who do not regularly peruse knitting blogs/forums, FO=Finished Object).

All right, If I think of anything else to say, I'll be back later, but that's all for now!



I haven't posted for a long because of my insanely busy schedule. I have HONK rehearsal every day. The play's going well. We're performing August 14, 15, 16 at 8:00 p.m. and August 16 at 2:00 p.m. at the Garner Historic Auditorium. See for more information!

So, other than that, I haven't got much more news... I just thought I'd post so that everyone knew that I didn't just fall of the face of the Earth.

New Podcast!!

Hello all!

My friends and I have successfully released the first two episodes of our podcast!! It's called the M.A.D. Podcast, (it stands for Media Analysis and Discussion) and on it we discuss music, movies, books, other podcasts, and more; anything that can be classified as "media" is a viable topic. So, check it out at, and in a few days, you'll be able to search for it on iTunes. Our first two episodes are about Prince Caspian and the Twilight series, respectively.

I went to Joann's (a craft store) the other day, and this time I was unable to withstand the temptation. I bought 2 skeins of some gorgeous, unbelievably soft yarn called Angel Hair, and 3 skeins of cotton Sugar and Cream yarn. The Sugar and Cream is going to become reusable shopping bags eventually, but I just couldn't keep my hands off the Angel Hair. Even though I have way too many projects going right now, I put them all aside to work on the Wavy Gravy scarf from the book Stitch and Bitch Nation. The yarn's so amazing to work with, but I wouldn't suggest using aluminum needles with the yarn. It's so soft, it's slippery and would just slide off aluminum needles. I used my favorite bamboo needles, and even then the yarn is super slippery. But oh so soft!!! The Wavy Gravy pattern is awesome, too. It's simple enough to work on at Honk rehearsal while waiting for my cues, but interesting enough that I don't get bored. I love it!

I'd also like to thank Knitting Pattern Central for posting my fingerless gloves pattern on the site!! I'm so excited, I feel like a published knitting designer now! Okay, it's just a link to a blog post, but still! Yay! At the Knitting Pattern Directory, look under Mittens and Gloves. My pattern is there under Super Funky Fingerless Gloves! Awesome.

So, yeah. That's it. Bye for now!