OH GOD more school ranting....

So, last week, I missed school Thursday because I was sick. Technically, I was sick all week, but I'm super paranoid about missing school, so I only took the one day off, thinking that that was the day we wouldn't have much to do.

So, along comes Friday. I felt worse on Friday, but I had this group project to present in class, so I went anyway. I walk into first period, which is English, and the FIRST thing we do is take a reading quiz on The Metamorphosis, a story I DIDN'T READ. So, right about now, I'm thinking "Well, sh**, this sucks." But, I'm a good test-taker (seriously, I have amazing guessing skills on tests and stuff, just ask my friend Staci). So, I just go ahead and BS my way through the thing. Optimist that I am, I keep thinking "well, at least my day can't get any worse!" And that's when Fate started laughing in my face.

Right after the teacher takes up the quiz, she starts talking about existentialism and Metamorphosis, both of which I soooo don't get. Apparently we were supposed to research existentialism the night before, but I wasn't there, so I didn't know, so I feel really really lost and confused. Which I don't like. At all.

So I spend the rest of the class period struggling to keep up with everything and feeling like crap because I don't understand what we're talking about. At the end of class, I go up to the teacher to ask what we did the day I was out. And apparently we turned in some questions, which I so didn't know were due that day, so I didn't have them. I'm the kind of person that almost always has their homework, so I was really upset. My record has been so good all this year, too!

Oh my gosh, and that was all just first period!

I go into Pre-Calculus, which is second period, and apparently the day before we went over something we were supposed to learn in Algebra II, but which I never learned because my teacher last year was STUPID. So I spend yet another period feeling like I'm in the wrong classroom. By the time I left second period, I really felt like crying.

And it goes on!!

Third Period: I was supposed to present a group project about saving a fictional town called "Carbonville", so I was all dressed up. Which I hate. Jeans are so much more comfortable than skirts or dress pants! And yet, we didn't even present the stupid project that day! So I had to dress up AGAIN today! Not to mention the fact that it is freaking nerve wracking waiting for your turn to present a project that you're not really prepared for, and especially when your self-esteem is at an all-time low.

The rest of my day, I had two in-class essays, one of which was in Spanish, and a Psychology test. It sucked. Luckily none of these were too hard. If I had totally bombed any one of them, at this point I probably would have either broken down and cried or gone on a murderous rampage, I can't decide which.

*sigh* Junior year is turning out the way everyone warned me it would....Why didn't I take them more seriously? Why?!


Sarah said...

dude thats one hell of a friday

umm so the whole project thing though, WE WON and i'm happy :) cause we did...and Massengill said we didnt even need the extra points which is good

and dude junior year..sucked from the first day in which i had two quizzes and an essay due the next day :(

Dave said...

oh my god in precalculus they expect me to know random sh*t from algebra, too. sorry about the evil demons of anti-marshall...im sure deborah will slap him for you, shes been slapping everybody on my blog.