Hello hello!

I've decided that since its summer and I have much more free time on my hands, I'd return to my Ravelry account that I let languish during the school year. For anyone who doesn't know, Ravelry is essentially a social networking site geared towards knitters and crocheters. You can put in your WIPs, chat with other knitters and crocheters, and find patterns. There's also this thing where you can put in all the balls of yarn in your stash, but I tend to avoid that because it seems like too much trouble when I don't even know what half of the balls of yarn in my stash are...

In other (knitting) news, I'm almost done with a red scarf done with Lion Brand "Color Waves". The ball of yarn had been sitting on my shelf for almost a year, so I felt like I should probably get it out of the way. The only problem is, its almost 100 f***ing degrees and really humid where I live and this yarn is really warm. Not a good combination. So I tend to only do a few rows at a time. Here's a picture of the scarf:

Also, a cause for celebration: I actually organized all of my sewing stuff!! I had these two sewing boxes that I had barely even looked through (they were from yard sales) so I just dumped them and started sorting the stuff that fell out. The result is.....more mess! But that should be cleared up once I deal with all the little "leftovers" that didn't belong anywhere (seriously, how do so many pennies, screws, paperclips, and clothespins end up where they don't belong???).

Alright, I am now officially sick of writing this post. I had just finished it the first time, and clicked "Publish Post", when the stupid website said "Blogger is currently unavailable" and the post wasn't saved. This was more than a little frustrating, so excuse me if I sound a little pissy this time around.



Staci said...

Ha, I was halfway through a really long book review post when it accidentally navigated away from the page and didn't save it. I didn't even bother redoing it, I was so pissed off... I congratulate you on your eternal patience.