...And We're Back!

Hello all!

Yes, yes I know it's been ages since my last post...But it's not my fault! Really! Heres the story:

I try to log on to my blog (this was a few weeks ago), and the site won't let me. So I ignore it, thinking maybe the server is down, or they're renovating the site or something. So the next morning, I check my email, and I have one from the Blog site saying they have shut down my blog because it's a "spam blog". What?!? There is nothing "spammy" on my blog, and there was only one post... How they figure out what makes a spam blog, I don't know, but it's probably some computer program that just filtered out my site by mistake. *Sigh*

So now my blog has been reactivated, and I'm back! Just in time to vent about my end-of-course exams. Yippee. Though they are more than half over now, so the end is in sight. I have already taken English, Anatomy, and Algebra, and there wasn't one for World History, so all I have left is Genetics, Spanish, and....*shudder* Chemistry.

At least it's almost summer. I look forward to more free time for knitting! Currently i'm at a bit of a standstill. I finished two scarves a few days ago, but they were just the fun fur ones with huge needles, so its still not much of an accomplishment. I need to work more on the shirt I'm knitting from the bamboo yarn. If you knit, you have got to try the stuff, it's amazing! I'm using Bernat brand, in color "Rosehip". The pattern is here, but you have to be a member at Bernat's website to access it.

Well, technically I should be using this rare bit of free time to study for my genetics exam, so I better go.



Stace said...

Rock out on your finals!

By the way, the wiggly design on the blog is, seriously, mind blowing.