So, I am currently crocheting this hat from the newest issue of "Crochet Today" (a really cool magazine):
But I changed the brown to navy blue, mostly because the brown I had looked yellow and sickly with the white trim. Well anyway, I have the crown of the hat done, but I'm afraid that I will run out of the blue yarn. So I was thinking about striping the rest of it to conserve yarn. What do you think of this:

(MS Paint - looks real professional, doesn't it?)

Do the stripes look good, or stupid? I can't decide.


Staci said...

I like it! Definitely go for it.

And yes, your paint skills rule the world.

On a side note, the word verification is "Largedes". When I saw it I immediately thought of a very big person from the Oddysey.

Toss the Apple said...

Yeah, I actually like the hat with the stripes better than without the stripes.