Om nom nom

Yay I'm actually posting again!

And I actually have PICTURES!! Go me!

Pictures of what, you may ask?

Gratuitous yarn porn!!! (um, before you start looking at me funny, that's just a knitting blog/forum term for unnecessary pictures of yarn). And, sorry for the awful picture quality, my camera sucks booty (to borrow a term from my favorite 6' 5" musical star).

These are all pictures of some yarn given to me by my mom's friend. She wants me to knit some stuff for her. The green fuzzy yarn and the red and green are for scarves for her.

These purple/blue-ish and the burgundy are for a felted messenger bag for her daughter Livian.

The rest are undecided, except for this blue and green fuzzy yarn that's ALL MINE! MUAHAHAHA!

Ahem. But it's so beeeyooootiful! And lovely and soft and it will make a purdy scarf!

And this is my latest project:

It just looks like a rectangle now, but it's actually the back to a cabled hoodie I'm making. It's pretty sweet!

Alright, that's it for now. Adios amigos!


Staci said...

Aaghhhh I have nothing to take gratuitous yarn porn pictures of!!! Jealous.

Toss the Apple said...