More Podcast Updates!

The third episode of the MAD Podcast is out! It's about Coldplay's most recent album Viva la Vida. So go download it!

Slightly less exciting news, and definitely less pleasant: I broke my toe yesterday on a doorframe. This is sooo like me. I was leaving my room to take some clothes out of the dryer when I accidentally smashed my toe against the doorframe. I actually heard a crunching noise when it happened. So now it hurts to walk, and I have to go to school in two days where I'm going to have to run all around the freaking ENORMOUS campus with an injured foot. *Bangs head against desk*

*sigh* Adios for now!


Toss the Apple said...

You did not tell me that you broke your toe.
We are getting you that scooter for school. Especially since you have a very valid reason for not being able to walk.